Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico
2012.02.15 22:41:41

Many people ask for directions to their facility so that they can view Lap Dog Rescue's available animals. Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico is NOT a shelter. They have a network of foster homes where our animals are temporarily 'homed.' Their animals do not live in kennels. They are treated as family pets so that they can socialize and become well-mannered. They will only be placed in homes where they will be accepted as part of the adopting family. If you are looking for a gift or a guard dog, you don't want to talk to them. Their critters come from many sources: animal shelters state-wide; private homes where the animal's companion has become hospitalized, institutionalized, or has died; and actual rescues from dangerous or abusive situations.

The mission of Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home small companion dogs. Their goal is to place them in loving, forever homes and do this through a rigorous screening and adoption process. Operating strictly through volunteerism, counting on the generosity of others and themselves to further our mission.

Learn all about Lap Dog Rescue: www.lapdogrescue.org

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Perfect Pink Courtesy of Lulu's!
2010.03.02 07:52:03

Summer is here!!!! Embrace the fun of summer by adding some pink to your life! Lulu's has got a TON of great pink pieces.

From vegan suede to fun rompers...pink is the new black!

Maxi dresses are always fun & fabulous! Easily a 9-5pm dress or perfect for hanging out on the weekend!

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