2016 Honorees~Chef Lynn Bound & Robert Zerilli

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Celebrity Catwalk is a 501c3 charity that supports local rescue groups that are

100% volunteer operated & charities themselves...

Chef Lynn Bound is a five star Chef who is

the Executive Chef at Feinstein's/54 Below-she

has run the kitchen at the Museum of Modern Art

and oversaw the catering for Jazz at Lincoln Center

and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. She leaves

her restaurant to give her time & talent so

generously to our Celebrity Catwalk events.

As if that wasn't enough she is a rescue dog

mom and in 2016 became a rescue cat mom when

a dear friend lost her battle to cancer. Chef Lynn

makes it possible for us to experience fine dining

at Celebrity Catwalk events!

It is NEVER easy relying on other people's generosity for your success

so it is with great pleasure we acknowledge Veniero's owner

Robert Zerilli for his commitment to charity, advocacy & benevolence

If you know anything about fine Italian pastry you've heard of

Venieros-an iconic part of New York City

that has been in business since 1894....we all know having a

business in New York is no easy task-but owner

Robert Zerilli has made it possible for us to include his

incredible desserts consistently.




We kicked off 2015 by recognizing two incredible

New Yorkers whose activism is contagious.

Stephanie Mattera (left):Stephanie is a

communications professional with a passion

for creating social change.

She holds an M.S. in PR and

Communications from NYU.

Her love for animals and growing up in a house full

of rescued animals who were all considered family members

led Stephanie to become

the Mayor's Alliance for NYC’s Animals Spokesperson

(a position she's held for the past 4 years.)

Stephanie advocates for spaying and neutering pets,

rescue and adoption, and the responsibilities

of being a pet parent at community events and on

local news segments. Stephanie is mom to three beloved

rescue pets of her own, Japanese Chins

Keiko and Romeo,and a

Calico kitty, Sophie.

Caroline Loevner (right): Caroline found Beau, who was on

an euthanasia list, at a Philadelphia shelter

after her previous Husky, Nikki,

died at 16 of a degenerative disk condition.

Every week, Caroline & Beau are sharing their time

and talent at several local institutions,

including the Ronald McDonald House, a day-care facility

for people with HIV, and an inpatient drug rehab center.

Caroline is an integral part of the

Imperial Court of New York, raising funds and awareness

for the LGBT community. Caroline and Beau,

a registered therapy dog are true advocates,supporting

a myriad of charities including: Bailey House,

Bideawee, Angels On A Leash, Pace University,

AIDS WALK, Animal Friends, SPCA and FEMA Coney Island.



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Model 2Grammy award-winning singer Mya lends herself to many causes.  Disadvantaged youth, breast cancer and Global AIDS are all issues she makes time for.  We love her for her work with the North Shore Animal League – the nation’s largest no kill animal shelter. Mya hosted the finale of The Tour For Life, an initiative to promote the importance and advantage of adopting shelter animals.



Heather Mills

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Model 2Heather Mills is an activist charity campaigner and United Nations Association Goodwill Ambassador.  Heather recently appeared on the Hit US Television show Dancing with the Stars and donated all of her proceeds from the show to Viva!, (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals) to which Heather is a committed Patron and activist. Heather now lives purely on a plant based food diet as she is painfully aware of the brutal treatment of factory farmed animals in the UK and around the world.  Her interest in the benefits of holistic nutrition was first stimulated in 1994 when a strictly organic plant based raw diet healed a persistent infection in her leg where prescribed medicine had failed.  Fighting for the humane treatment of animals is now at the forefront of Heather's campaigning. She has received praise by both Viva! and Peta for her hands on approach helping to fight the animal cause.



Kimora Lee Simmons

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Kimora Lee Simmons is a pet owner and philanthropist.  In addition to adopting her own dogs, Kimora has donated $20,000 to provide sturdy, custom-made doghouses for needy dogs.  These dogs often have little more, and sometimes even less than an overturned barrel or a piece of plywood resting against a fence for shelter.



Nigel Barker

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Model 2One good thing about being a celebrity is the amount of influence you have on the public that adores you. Luckily, there are several of these stars who are willing to give back to their communities. That's not saying Nigel Barker is part of marine life but at least he's working to preserve their environment.

The America's Next Top Model judge and international photographer recently embarked on a project called ProtectSeals, teaming up with Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). His participation raised the awareness of several celebrities, who have also pitched in to help save the said animals.





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