Paws In The City Holiday Edition Designer-Lady Daize

Monday, 11 August 2008 19:25 Coco
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Our Paws In The City designers are the lifeblood of our fashion show events, so it is with great pleasure that we sit down with each one of them to get the inside scoop as to what makes them tick! Here Carol-Anne Townsend, the force behind Lady Daize Dog Couture tells us how she got her start in fur fashion:

I started sewing in high school. However when I was about 9 or 10 my mother bought a sewing machine. I would sit in the spare room and stare at it imagining all the fabulous things I would make. Although she didn't teach me to sew, my aunt had a huge sewing room and I would stand in the doorway and look at her huge sewing room with all the patterns, fabric and her machine. As far back as I can remember I wanted to be a fashion designer or a race car driver!

I live in Vancouver Canada. It is very beautiful here. However dressing your dog is not done very much unless it's a bandana or rain coat.

My inspiration for my dog couture came from my little angel Daisy. Daisy was not a rescue ... Daisy rescued me. Daisy was my muse, my heart. She helped me everyday. It all started with a little red necklace made from vintage glass beads. Daisy wore anything that I made proudly. Daisy made sure that we got out each day to bring smiles to whoever we would. meet. Daisy is why I am doing Lady Daize Dog Couture!

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