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Monday, 11 August 2008 19:25 Coco
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Our Paws In The City designers are the lifeblood of every show we produce. Their generosity, talent & creativity makes Paws In The City possible every May & December. So it was a natural progression to spotlight our designers here. Our participating designers have WIDELY varied backgrounds and experience-but they all have one thing in common-TALENT! Making her debut on the catwalk this May is Kimberly Fitzgerald of Designs By Kimmie. Sewing FOR ONLY 15 MONTHS, Kim is completely self taught. A groomer and breeder, when one of the pups she had sold was returned to her by a very irresponsible owner who had kept the dog constantly crated and did not keep up with her vaccines-Kimberly had to contend with a puppy very sick with kennel cough. Shutting down her grooming business for fear of contamination, her husband bought her a sewing machine, her daughter gave her 3 huge boxes of material and the rest is history! Kim loves working with colors like reds, deep blues, and includes velvet as one of her favorite fabrics.

Kim loves dressing her furbabies, and having 13 pups, buying clothes for all of them could easily run up a hefty tab-so Kim's incredible style & creativity certainly comes in handy!

You can catch up on all the latest Designs By Kimmie creations on FB:
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