Our Favorite Olympic Moment-Saving Sochi Strays!

Monday, 11 August 2008 19:25 Coco
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We have to admit, we really didn't stay abreast of the Winter Olympics this year! However, our ears certainly did perk up when it came to the incredible spotlight created by Olympians who reacted to the Sochi Strays roundup, and planned extermination. It was wonderful to see such an overwhelming show of support and generosity!

Dogs flew into Washington Dulles International Airport after at least a month of dealings with the Russian government and at least another 90 dogs are expected to be brought to the U.S. over the year. Humane Society officials here are also working with the Sochi government to find a humane way of rounding up the stray dogs that caught international attention leading up to this year's Winter Olympics.

People are still unaware of puppy mills, backyard breeding and the importance of adopting-so we always welcome another opportunity to make people aware.

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